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A By Barneyatemyface Updated Nov 24, 2011

"Ofcourse one believes a very frustrated six year old about a talking headless Barbie doll. All I got was an earful about how bad a brother I was and the next day I didn't get any fudge for breakfast. Because I was SUCH a bad boy, making excuses to cover up after myself. 

But I know. About them. The voices in the dolls. And they won't let me go."

There's something sinister or maybe just wrong with Anthony's little 'ability'. Toys have been coming alive around him ever since he could remember. He hadn't actually told anyone about - except that one time, and look how that had turned out - no fudge for breakfast. Was he crazy? Possibly, but he didn't exactly have a family history of sanity. He doesn't know why, or how it first started and he was fine with that. Safe, cautious nice boy falls into a warped new world when a certain feisty and annoying little doll shows up as his birthday present, asking:  no, demanding that he help her. Dolls weren't supposed to talk, they were supposed to be toylike and nice - like in Toystory. They weren't supposed to come outright and claim to have once been alive, and he wasn't supposed to believe that or fall off of the face of the planet. But things happen. They always do. Just when Anthony though his term break was going to be spent at another boring desk job, things take a dive for the exact opposite of boring.

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