Love is Weakness - Clexa AU

Love is Weakness - Clexa AU

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mia By clexafan Updated Nov 20

Present day Clexa AU:

Clarke Griffin is enrolled in a new school, Triground High. She's a junior, and she's only ever had 1 boyfriend, but she had to leave him when she moved to Washington DC with her mom. Clarke has never really had a lot of close friends, and likes staying in the shadows. On her very first day of school she meets a group of friends who welcome her into their group- Octavia, Bellamy, Raven, Monty, and Jasper- and even runs into the queen bee, Lexa Woods. 

Lexa is the most popular junior at Triground, and she rules the school. Everyone listens to her, no matter what. Clarke quickly gets to know Lexa, and eventually develops feelings for her. Little does she know that Lexa has been in love with her since day 1.

He's a fricking restarted idiot who doesn't know how to use amazing characters 😒😒😒
woahclexa woahclexa Nov 06
oh hell to the no, don't be bringing these parallels out on me unannounced, my clexa heart breaks a little more each time
Same^ I mean like my mouth is not ready to open yet so stfu😂
I'm going to a new aśs school next school year and I don't want to be the fvcking new kid. Bcoz people will call me 'the new kid' instead of my real name😒
FluffyPinks FluffyPinks Jun 19
Always something to do with the head. Makes sense, since she lost it in the show
eventuallyy eventuallyy Oct 07
yo did you make the popular girl (lexa obviously) openly gay because that's amazing if you did lmao people need to stop having gay people being torn apart about their sexuality