Past Recalled z.h

Past Recalled z.h

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Carter Simmons By ZIALLISLIFEE Completed

[ziall; completed]

Zayn has become a world famous R&B singer straight out of university. 

He's filthy rich and 'dating' a girl named Gigi.The media thinks that Zayn's work is all about her. 

But the truth is its about someone that Zayn met in high school, that someone was who Zayn gave every piece of his heart to. 

His name was Niall Horan, and Zayn never got over those feelings even after Niall moved on and left Zayn behind. 

Niall was the past for Zayn, a past that he never wanted to forget. Niall was the past in Zayn's life that inspired him.

[available in brazilian]

I wish my cackle of a laugh would grab my faves attention at a concert. Lmao
vampsx1d vampsx1d Sep 22, 2016
When the dark turns to mist... I can't resist 
                              I am fOoL fOr YoU
                              And the things you do!
prettylittlegnome prettylittlegnome Sep 02, 2016
And that is
                              JOHN CENA
                              *theme song*
ooFanfavoriteoo ooFanfavoriteoo Sep 02, 2016
it's going to be awkward for harry when he finds out about niall and zayn
Zeus6257 Zeus6257 Sep 02, 2016
Omfg I need more of this book. This is going to be good. Niall don't deny it you still love that Muslim, tattooed, sex God you call an ex.
xxNikita1dxoxo xxNikita1dxoxo Sep 04, 2016
For the first time in a fan fiction, my sympathies are with Zayn. 😞😞