Psycho Circus (Frerard)

Psycho Circus (Frerard)

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He just couldn't help himself. They had to go, and he had to be alone. They smothered him too much for his wicked little mind to handle...

After the bloody murder of those closest too him, Gerard Way found himself in solitary confinement at the only remaining asylum. As the maximum security patient, he was locked away from the world. Until a new arrival, struggling with the deepest, darkest depression, stumbled across the locked door to his separate ward. By the powers of his manipulation, will be able to befriend the new arrival and carry out his manic plan? Or will his own intentions destroy the dwindling sanity left in his mind.

- - Apr 06
I Can't Believe It's Taken Me This Long To Fully Understand This Damned Sentence XD
                              But Now It Makes Sense
I've been held in solitary before and I'll I can say is that I sucks balls
- - Apr 06
I Swear This Is The Last Time I'll Bring Up I Write Sins Not Tragedies, But...
                              "And Yes, But What A Shame..."
Anonimit21 Anonimit21 Jul 29
Stop. Being. Me! 
                              Well, I'm not insane and living in Asylum but, Yknow
Btw, don't actually do this. Take it from me, you will get caught.
Please don't be like splitting of the mind.. Please don't be like splitting of the mind... 😫 I won't be able to take it.