Detention (Student/Teacher Relationship)

Detention (Student/Teacher Relationship)

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mumfordandnuns By mumfordandnuns Updated Nov 15, 2013

"Are you done checking out my body, Miss Gale?" He asked me as I came back from space to see him smirking at me, revealing his perfect dimples than complemented his unimaginably beautiful God-like face.

"You know it." I smirked back, playing his own game. His smirk wiped off his face as he looked at me with a questionable look. He then soon composed himself as he smiled again, coming closer towards me.

I felt my breath hitch as he rested his palms on the sides of my desk, lowering his face to mine. 

"You just scored yourself another detention, kiddo." And with that he winked and turned around leaving me with my dropped jaw and ego splattered all of the ground.

How the hell did he get so under my skin?

Holland Gale is the good girl in Wakefield Secondary School. She get's the grades and has perfect attendance. She never had any distractions in her life until senior year. Que in Ethan Sage, he's a star athelete, has girls falling for him everywhere he goes, and he's filthy rich. But what happens when they cross paths as student and teacher?

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RaeLooo RaeLooo Apr 11
Yikes. Secondary school she's literally a child. This is kinda gross and I have an older man fetish haha
baadbihhh baadbihhh Apr 14, 2016
DAMN I DO THAT ALL THE TIME!!! I think I'm saying it in my head.. And it comes out my mouth
nerdybird2001 nerdybird2001 May 24, 2016
Bruno don't understand how people can say things out loud like that without meaning to it must be a talent because I have never done that (thank god)
bored_and_afraid bored_and_afraid Aug 04, 2016
He looks like Coach Isaac. I went from being able to play softball perfectly to not being able to lift the bat for extra help.
trina12345678 trina12345678 Apr 05, 2016
Sounds like a teacher that went to my school, trouble is coming soon.