'Black•ish (Kelly Oubre Jr. Story)

'Black•ish (Kelly Oubre Jr. Story)

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eazy_breezy By eazy_breezy Updated Aug 27

A tall tale of the eye catching Kelly Oubre Jr. and his misogynistic colorism towards black women.

This book will kind of hit home and may piss you off but it's engendering an actual problem in the black community that needs to be addressed and stop immediately.

People, especially women are treated differently the deeper their skin tone, and some men are so ignorant that they think they should only date mixed or lighter skinned girls with curly hair so their child will have the same outcome when really that shows their own insecurities because black is beautiful in every shade, and there's no such thing as good hair.

Now Kelly's close minded, benighted standpoint will irk the soul of any black woman, and that's all the more reason this story will be told.

Can Cam get him to stop being an ignorant colorist against his own women or will she leave him where she met him?

(This is solely just a fiction & Kelly is not like this in real life {at least not to my knowledge lol. Hopefully he's not} but I hope you read and tell your friends about this serious problem in the black community and learn what is and isn't acceptable for people of our race to think)

I read it wrong, spent at least 5 minutes tryna pronounce it. 😂😂
__gxnnie__ __gxnnie__ Jul 22
Naw. Black on black. Black squared. With a touch of more black.
Kelly you fr trippin. At Least ask about her name. Asking about my hair...😑😂. But see, if the roles were switched i'd be like "Is that really his name?" 😂😂
Yeep. Problem? 🤔, imma tell him now once the roasts start roasting theres nothing stopping me