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Avalon has spent her entire life on her family's Cattle Station in Northern Queensland. In her eyes there is nothing sweeter than working the land and spending as much time on horseback as possible. Due to her parents' divorce she is forced to move in with her Mother in a city beach suburb as part of the divorce agreement to save the Station she loves. 
Having never set foot in any type of School environment her eyes are opened to this new way of life. Being a little unorthodox, it's not long before she comes head to head with the schools one and only 'King of the Waves'. Avalon has never been one to back down no matter the situation and never refrains from speaking her mind, in fact she loves nothing more than to stir certain people up. 
Although she desperately misses her family and her home her eyes have been opened to this new way of life and she sure as hell didn't expect to make great friends along the way. However there is one warning that everyone should pay heed to...

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Lindsay-bell "this story has taken up my life and right now is really the only thing i get out of bed to read"

ally_oshea_xoxo "I love this story, the characters, the comedy and the romance. Everything is so perfectly entwined together, I think that this story has overtaken my social life and gotten me addicted. You've literally turned pure magic into words, the story is that amazing."

equine_dreams "Avalon is a wild,humorous,enjoyable read that deals with so many different aspects of life, like love, fears, bullying and family. The bond Avalon has with her horse Amber is so well described and it makes it seem so real. I'm loving it!!' ☺️"

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Idk of people are joking - but they do know what a bull is right 😂
I was in the car and I burst out laughing and scared my poor parentz
Sita13 Sita13 Jun 06
This may be my favorite chapter in any book ever! Sometimes when I'm sad or mad I re-read it & it brightens my day every time: )
laswriting laswriting Aug 21
This is why I can't eat and read. At least the author is good at describing things😂
I dont know why while readi g this i remembered the song potatoes tomatoes..!!😂🤣
Your writing is just beautifully composed and captivating, I didn't even have time to notice errors.