Life choices (Remus Lupin Marauders era)

Life choices (Remus Lupin Marauders era)

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Molly By Molly-Prewett Updated 6 days ago

It's no secret that everybody has secrets. Everyone lies to protect something that they don't want revealed to the rest of the world. 

But granted, some lies are bigger than others. Some lies consume you and can pull you away from everything you care about. 

Their lives were both lies. 

In the end, maybe that was what brought them together. 


The Marauders : popular, cocky and cruel

Now enter Imogen Prewett : Kind, quiet and timid

They seem intent on destroying her and making her life misery. So what happens when a series of events and a guilty conscience forces them together. 

After all, everything we do, everything we have in life is a choice. Our choices can effect others and our future.

In the end, everything comes down to our life choices.

Is she deaf but can lip read?
                              Sorry i'm just really confused
She can be like
                              Bella Thorne or Willow Shields (with strawberry blonde hair)