Remember me || Larry Stylinson AU

Remember me || Larry Stylinson AU

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Ann By xtwloha Updated 6 days ago

12-year-old Harry meets 14-year-old Louis at a summer camp in south England, where the boys share a cabin and get along very well from the start. They spend the summer making unforgettable memories together and saying goodbye is one of the hardest things the boys ever had to do.

They promise to send each other letters and try to convince their mums to let them come back next year. However after a few months, Harry stops receiving letters from his best friend. He doesn't understand what he did wrong or what happened and Harry is left heartbroken. If only Harry knew why Louis stopped responding...

What happens when 10 years later their paths cross again but Louis doesn't remember Harry?

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donniescatch donniescatch 6 days ago
Wow I'm always so impressed by people who can speak more than one language, like English is my first and only language and I can barely use it correctly😂
I hate when people speak to languages it's so impressive and I'm just
FoodInTheAM FoodInTheAM Oct 18
I hate summercamps...or any kind of camps... Well, let's just roll with it. It's not like I'm being forced to go there lol #unneededcomment
FoodInTheAM FoodInTheAM Oct 18
I can't even imagine a 14-year-old crying bc a 10-year-old 😭😭