Dramatic (COMPLETED)(South Park) {Boyxboy}

Dramatic (COMPLETED)(South Park) {Boyxboy}

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Miss Blaze By Blazedarkness Updated 6 days ago

Craig and Clyde have done it now, they've pissed off the drama teacher. She isnt happy, and as a punishment she forces them to join in on this years production of Alice in Wonderland. 

Unfortunately for Craig, his old enemy Tweek Tweak is one of the star roles. As he is forced to help Tweek learn his lines, get him in costume and basically serve him Craig realises he might not hate Tweek as much as he thought.

However, it's not better for Clyde. He's forced to help out with costume and set, which he hates, but there is one good thing about the situation; the cute costume designer

LostSoul04 LostSoul04 Nov 12, 2016
I used to have a metal tooth but that was when I was younger so it fell out unfortunately
Southpark_kyle Southpark_kyle Dec 15, 2016
Btw I don't ship tweek and Kyle it's just showing I cosplay as both of those characters
GalaxyYouth GalaxyYouth Sep 27, 2016
What I say, most of the time I just say nothing, staring with the emotionless face, like I don't regret it, but don't feel giddy about it either...
Anarhernandez Anarhernandez Dec 06, 2016
The thought of Tweek kissing someone that isn't a boy makes me cringe.
                              He too gay for that!
Marksfabulousbutt Marksfabulousbutt Oct 29, 2016
the only reason I know who PC Principle is, is because I accidently clicked season 19 instead for 2.
JlovesGames JlovesGames Jan 07
Daaaamn she was about to explode and now she's acting like nothing happened....what the fûck man -what -the-fûck