Naruto's Twin Sister

Naruto's Twin Sister

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YourEverydayGirl By YourEverydayReader Updated May 22

What if Naruto wasn't alone in his childhood struggles?

What if he had someone who cared for him?

What if I say Naruto has a twin sister?


Narumi Uzumaki is the twin sister of Naruto Uzumaki. She is the only person that has been with him from the day they were born. She takes care of both of them since she turned 4 years old. She is the complete opposite of Naruto, then again there's a saying 'opposites attract'.  What will happen when they graduate from the academy to start their adventures as Genins?

Disclaimer: Naruto and anyone and anything in it are not mine. I only own Narumi and this story.

OMJ orochimaru FINALLY has a friend besides he's my FAVOURITE naruto character and if I met duckbutt *cough* sauske *cough* I'd act all nice and say hi but if he says hn ignores me or glares at me I'm going to say I would slap you but that would be animal abuse 😘
RenaLow6 RenaLow6 Dec 16, 2016
Honey chan is that you in girl form, with blue eyes and become taller
flower_vrown flower_vrown Nov 02, 2016
Errrrmmmm tbh im fine with orochimaru hes evil and i like it AND HE TRAINED SASUKE AND MADE HIM STRONGER SO YAY
Redb4Black Redb4Black Jan 09
Mary Sue? Oh well, I can't judge. I was infected in the begining anyway. Plus this seems to be well written.
FreakingLEM FreakingLEM Jan 01
Look at my Orochimaru-kun~
                              He has friends.
                              My precious son has friends.
AnimeGmr101 AnimeGmr101 Jan 08
Soft voice....Canada.....hmmm scary.....Canadian Rage.....HETALIA!