Yandere-kun x Reader [Mine ALONE]

Yandere-kun x Reader [Mine ALONE]

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Taeko Yamada By TaekoGaming Completed

Yandere-kun, your bestfriend ever since you're in Middle School has been very close to you. But one day, you discovered a dark secret that has occured in the school. Who is the cause?

WARNING: This story has lemon, reader must be 18 or older

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FUC NUGGET RIKU GONNA DIE TONIGHT *walks in kitchen * hey anybody want some riku?
KitaDraw KitaDraw Jan 16
When I read Yan-kun I was like "Wut? How did my brother get in this story!?" Cuz I call my bro Yan-kun cuz his name is Yan...
nice-nice-baby nice-nice-baby Nov 22, 2017
Reads discription
                              Pfft 18+?
                              Im still gonna read cus why not i love this kind of thing
NekoKitten7 NekoKitten7 Jan 31
                              That sounded wrong
Mizuki0625 Mizuki0625 Feb 11
Yanyan-senpai (I’ve been told I have a yandere personality so yeah~)
Meloveeren1 Meloveeren1 Feb 17
Have a snickers your not you when youre hungry 
                              Yan-kun:  takes a bite *goes on a killing rampage