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Lion Boy X Dragon Girl (Loke X Reader)

Lion Boy X Dragon Girl (Loke X Reader)

24K Reads 884 Votes 20 Part Story
Therese Helga Antonette Calceña By ThereseErzaScarlet Updated Jun 07, 2016

The dragon constellation, Draco, announced to all the dragons that he is having a daughter. Draco named his daughter Anonymus for she will never know herself until the day will come. The swordfish constellation, Dorando, heard this overwhelming news and reported to the celestial spirit king to slay the dragon who had a daughter without permission of the king. Anonymus was left alone. Aries the ram saw the little dragon girl and decided to bring her to Earthland. Aries named Anonymus, (Y/N) (L/N) and she decided not to tell anyone about this and eventually, she had forgotten about the little dragon. When (Y/N) was 18 and can use magic which is called Element Dragon Slayer/slaying, she wondered around and found Magnolia. She was hungry, thirsty and sleepy. Read the story and you will go on an adventure with the lion boy named Loke/Leo the Lion

HahaFangirl101 HahaFangirl101 Nov 26, 2016
                              Congrats! You're like almost everyone else :3
HahaFangirl101 HahaFangirl101 Nov 26, 2016
I understood that Lucy is very capable and trustworthy but...
chloemichaelisdemon chloemichaelisdemon Oct 28, 2016
That's why I count sheep in my god! Thank you goa-sheep momma! (Nudge nudge Undertale)
coach_awsome_1930 coach_awsome_1930 Sep 01, 2016
Ok. If you have listened to 'Iris' by the goo goo dolls, then you should listen to the cover song by, sleeping with sirens
coach_awsome_1930 coach_awsome_1930 Sep 01, 2016
                              WHEN I SAY DRACO YOU SAY MALFO!!
                              Me: DRACO!!!
                              Me: DRACO!!!
                              No one!!! Ok...
BruhItzMarissa BruhItzMarissa Oct 08, 2016
.Me:+Sighs while making a sound like smk smk smk looking down nodding her head no repeatedly+What are we gonna do with you Y/n