INFERNAL: The Crimson Reaper

INFERNAL: The Crimson Reaper

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rave99_lee By rave99_lee Updated a day ago

Demons are literally powerful than humans and they are merely 10x stronger than a dozen of humans. 
They are also immortals, I mean how can you kill a demon if they are already spirits? - Bad spirits to be exact. They just turn into a smoke and vanished back into hell, 
They are un- killable.
Fear, don't come into their vocabulary and the word "afraid" doesn't make any sense in them. 

But, what does a young girl make those demons feel afraid of her?
She's just a mere human.. or it just??

This story is inspired by all the paranormal stories that I have read. And I swear that this story is not copy- righted from any of those stories.. Well, just making the thing clear to you guys..

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