{Konoha's Guardian Angel}

{Konoha's Guardian Angel}

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👑Queen👑 By Alfa-Sama Updated Jan 12


Naruto finally fulfilled the promise he gave to his first crush, Sakura. To bring their teammate back to Konoha, and bring him back he did.

Except, Sasuke gave one condition for him to go back and that was for Akatsuki and his team, Team Taka to come along.

Akatsuki because he wanted Itachi to be forgiven for the Uchiha massacre. Taka because Karin was whining to come with him.

Everything was going well until the two male members of Team 7 heard about everything that has happened over the past years that they've missed.

"S-Sakura-chan is what...?"

Especially about their lovely pink-haired teammate, Haruno Sakura.

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