Guilty Pleasures (Billdip Fanfic)

Guilty Pleasures (Billdip Fanfic)

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Cecilia Kirkland By myotpisnotstraight Updated Jul 27

With a chain to be broken

With a man to be played

With a heart to be destroyed

Are you ready?

To face eternal sins and. . . lust?

*Gravity Falls isn't mine*

ZraTales ZraTales Jun 29
Stars in the collarbone?! I wanna see that. I plan to have stars tattoo in my hand. Left and right.
Honey, everyone here is bound for hell. thats why we all bathe in it.
Yelp this has happened to me before, my great maw maw always said I love u , and I never said it back and just a year ago she died and now I regret, my pawpaw always says ilove u to me ,and I never say it back
Were they searching for the big dipper?? Thats just on Dip-Dots forehead!
Summer break is literally only fuçking TWO MONTHS!!! Like, WHAT?!?!
satan_is_me satan_is_me Jun 28
I don't understand why everyone keeps saying twincest, my brother says sh/t like that all the time