Guilty Pleasures (Billdip Fanfic)

Guilty Pleasures (Billdip Fanfic)

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CeciliaKirkland By myotpisnotstraight Updated 3 hours ago

With a chain to be broken

With a man to be played

With a heart to be destroyed

Are you ready?

To face eternal sins and. . . lust?

*Gravity Falls isn't mine*

MADAM RED HAIR!! (Sry any time someone describes hair like that I instantly think Black Butler)
Dude calm down, I have too many incest books in my library as is and I don't need more. You are a bi pine tree that is in love with a demon imluminacho flavored dorito chip, got it?
My sister is Just like Mabel and I'm just like Dipper except we're not twins but we do the same hand shakes as then and we say "Siblings!" Insteaf of twins.
Well if I'm gonna go to he'll might as well have some fun on the way there.
I always say I love you to my brother. He never says it back. In fact, he told me he hated me yesterday and screamed at me for stuff I didn't even know I had to do...
Envella Envella Nov 15
Oh, so they were pulling a "Dean and Castiel" eye conversation?