My Savior ~ KuroKen

My Savior ~ KuroKen

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I don't even know anymore, it's crazy. To put it simply, Kenma is a rock star and Kuroo is a normal fan like everyone else. The thing is, when Kenma was little, Kuroo saved his life. They then meet again a few years later aND SHIT HAPPENS. 

This story contains multiple ships of: Boy X Boy

This story may contain: smut and crossover animes


Whoa I read an ereri fic with the exact same plot like. Levi was homeless and became a rock star and even was a fan who gave him I think it was some money and a jumper
SpacePaesh SpacePaesh Apr 23
This has the exact same plot as an Ereri I once read? Oh well, KuroKen is life
I love the prologue i hope the rest of the story is as good as the prologue
I've read an Ereri similar to this, "A fanboy and a dollar" I think it was?
Ohh this is good....for me as a person who hates offense
You is one talented person. Keep it up cause it was good cx Oh btw thank you for teaching me this 😂