THE PROMISE (Wattpad Edition, Unedited Draft, Preview ONLY)

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Miss Cassandra Carlyle has been in love with her older brother's friend, Lord Richard Christopher Radcliffe, since she was eight years old. He was her hero, her knight in shining armor, her prince charming and the man of her dreams. But Richard saw her merely as a younger sister and left for Oxford with the promise that he'd never forget her. Now, ten years later, after all the waiting and hoping, Richard finally returned--with his betrothed in hand. Worst, Cassandra discovered that not only had he forgotten about her, he also didn't recognize her! Heartbroken, she let her mother haul her to her first season in London and found herself as the new darling of the ton. Would she find love or would her hero come charging on a white horse?
    Join me in this poignant tale of childhood friends, young love, broken promises and dreams with Richard and Cassandra, as they discover the true meaning of love everlasting.
    NOTE: **This is an unedited draft preview up to chapter 10 ONLY. The Promise is a complete novel and the true version has been published and is available in bookstores in Canada and the USA. For International inquiries on where to buy the book, please send a message to the administrators of VJ Dunraven Philippines on facebook. **
o gosh I love Jeremy! she should marry him instead. constitution of fornication indeed
Hii, I found it on Apple's iBook store -It did cost a bit though $1-2?? I think
I just love this story....I've read it like 12 times already n wanna read it once again now :)
@pumpkin_nugget Hey, where'd u get the book from? I've been searching for it everywhere...
Just downloaded and read the book on iBooks. It was one of the best books ever!!
I saw the cover and was like, "That girl's from the ELE series!"