Snatched {BDSM}

Snatched {BDSM}

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Tair ~Blossoms~ By TairBlossoms Updated Jul 01, 2017

If you behave I will reward you, but if you misbehave I will punish you. For my pleasure!" He purred the last part seemly to himself.

I nodded my head, as my voice fells me. I look at Mia, with such love and sadness.

"Yes, Master!" He corrected.

"Y- Yes, Master." I say softly.

"Good pets." He says tilting my face up.

{EXPLICIT CONTENT} You are being warn that this story is erotic. You should be 18+, are so they say. I don't mind just don't be surprised when certain scenes come up. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED ^_^ √√√

~This story is heading toward a {BDSM}, so this is just a fair warning! I'll put a reminder at the top of those charters~

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- - Sep 13, 2017
Book would be better with out all the perfect this perfect that and them costing a hell of a lot more than the rest it's a turn off really I wish it was more natural instead of these are the main characters those are the sides I just wished it flowed more smoothly
yaouigurrll15 yaouigurrll15 Jul 11, 2015
How are all THREE of my husbands in this story??? Channing Tatum, Jamie Campbell Bower AND Zac Efron????
lulu909 lulu909 Mar 15, 2015
Why don't you live together? You could share a bed. It would be way cheaper
99FILMS 99FILMS Dec 20, 2014
I'm reading this again even though the book is not competed I can't stay away from this damn book lol
nimthiriel nimthiriel Jun 12, 2014
as a loved n owned pet myself i know how it feels to be sold n bought by a Master, and wouldn't change it for the world