The Lost Goddess Princess (COMPLETED) (EDITING)

The Lost Goddess Princess (COMPLETED) (EDITING)

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Chandria Bryzz monteron is a nerd who possess all the elements. FIRE, WATER,AIR, and EARTH. As the history tells ONLY AN PRINCE, PRINCESS , KING, AND QUEEN can master all that element... But.. Some king and queens wasn't destined to have it all.. So only few of them knows it
The king and the queen lost their princess, milbert's twin sister, was lost because of a tragic fight in the kingdom...

Will princess Millisa be found?

Is it possible that chandria is the LOST GODDESS PRINCESS?

she will just go and serve prince Nathan , prince milbert's younger brother, as a cook?







Date Published: May 12, 2016
Date Finished: July 10, 2016

  • action
  • adventure
  • comedy
  • fantasy
  • romance
ronnamichi14 ronnamichi14 Jul 22, 2017
So ibig sabihin water boy si suga!?!? Pale skin nya eh! #rr 
                              Silent reader po ako dati pero naging maingay na reader na Simula ng makilala ko ang BTS which happens In JANUARY 11,2017
athan7274 athan7274 Jun 21, 2017
Asan pong lugar ung mismong character? Her adoptive parents and sibling are in new york. So where is she?
blue_spring123 blue_spring123 Apr 03, 2017
Hahaha ano ba talaga ang lahi nitong batang to??😂😂 Japanese o Korean?? Chars😂😉
LoveHater_24 LoveHater_24 Apr 05, 2017
Na guguluhan po talaga ako kung nasaan sya.... Sa mortal world or other world..... Kc parang NASA mortal pa sya eh...
LuisaPadills LuisaPadills Jul 07, 2017
Okay naman. Pero nakakalito po ksi kung nasan sila . Mortal world or other world?
Yzhachan Yzhachan Jun 27, 2017
                              June 27 2017
                              6:35 pm
                              Then nung unang basa ko dito sa story ay kahapon natapos ko heheh