I'm a Secret Agent Undercover in High school

I'm a Secret Agent Undercover in High school

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Ambria Rayne By KittyKattt_ Completed

Riley Scott's the one name that everyone knows in the agency. She's the best at her job along with her best friend Joey. She wasn't at all surprised to be sent on a case in the states. Catching a few drug dealers, that should be easy. Well, at least that's what Riley thought. Riley is ordered by her step-father Cole to go undercover in a high school in LA. But just because she wasn't surprised it doesn't mean she was very happy about the case. Just like everyone else she'd much rather stay home then go across the states. But something Riley wasn't expecting was to find love on this trip. Follow Riley on her adventure! 

»»» SECOND BOOK TO THE UNDERCOVER SAGA! You do NOT have to read the first story, but it is suggested. Trust me when I say the story is 10 times better than the summary. Of course, if you ignore the grammar mistakes. Not edited yet.«««. Cover by @ isabelaSlmnc

Highest rating: #1 in Action (11/27/15) - (12/1/15).

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AlexofAlexandria AlexofAlexandria Mar 16, 2017
You ever thought of law school  I think you'd be perfect for it
I actually read them in order without even noticing. Well here we go
yougotwhatittakes yougotwhatittakes Jun 16, 2017
Is that Natasha Romanoff at the bottom of the title picture? No offense but that's strictly for Black Widow
maybesandy maybesandy Jun 30, 2017
THATS AMAZING!!! i have a question: will the original story remain on wattpad, im planning on rereading them
yougotwhatittakes yougotwhatittakes Jun 16, 2017
In case you couldn't guess from my most recent comment I'm a huge black widow fan
calcal4444 calcal4444 Apr 23, 2017
This seems like an awesome book but my only question is about copying the copyright? 
                              Would it be cool if I were to use the copyright for my books? It is on point.