Doubled Elements

Doubled Elements

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"You and Azula are almost sisters," Ozai pressed, kicking fire from his feet. My hair fell around my shoulders loosely, strands in my face as I rolled away from his attack.

"I am nothing like Azula," I snarled, water whips forming at my arms. I took a few steps back, slashing at him. He broke through it. I shot icicles at him, the tips of the water whips whizzing through the air as the cracked against earth, shattering.

"You are everything like Azula. Don't you see? Your father and I. . . we were the best of friends."

"And that's why he ran away from you?" I let out a humorlessly laugh, slashing through the air. He skid back as a powerful blow landed against his bare chest. "Stay back."

Ozai's lips pulled back into a sneer. "You could've joined me. You had so much potential. We could've ruled this world as a family."

"You," I snarled, "are not," I rotated my arms, creating a fire tornado, something I hadn't done in a long time and pushed outward. It got bigger and bigger, spiraling towards him, "family."

(Note: The characters and some of the storyline are not owned by me. I simply added my twist to the entire story, with my own character, Ayame. Ayame's father, and her Gran Gran are mine. So is Zian, one of her friends she meets along the way)

(Creds to @bandgeekO_o for the cover)

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NukieGreen1 NukieGreen1 May 14
I think it's awesome that she can bend 2 elements that's a blessing
Ripleycat Ripleycat Apr 04
What if a guy walks by and is like "Hey, were in the middle of a snow glacier climate, why are to trees burnt?"
Becka0409 Becka0409 Jun 17
Where did she get the tree? It's not like she's burning any tree in the Oasis, right?
Dahlonewolf Dahlonewolf Jul 26
Avatar story, nice
                              Never got to see much of zuko perspective
Can you guys check out my book...its only two chapters similar to this i just wanna knw if i should stop
2myfuture 2myfuture May 07
If she was born after azulon ordered silo murdered does that make Zuko like 13 years older than her? And if so that makes him 28 right cause she is now 15