Doubled Elements

Doubled Elements

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"You and Azula are almost sisters," Ozai pressed, kicking fire from his feet. My hair fell around my shoulders loosely, strands in my face as I rolled away from his attack.

"I am nothing like Azula," I snarled, water whips forming at my arms. I took a few steps back, slashing at him. He broke through it. I shot icicles at him, the tips of the water whips whizzing through the air as the cracked against earth, shattering.

"You are everything like Azula. Don't you see? Your father and I. . . we were the best of friends."

"And that's why he ran away from you?" I let out a humorlessly laugh, slashing through the air. He skid back as a powerful blow landed against his bare chest. "Stay back."

Ozai's lips pulled back into a sneer. "You could've joined me. You had so much potential. We could've ruled this world as a family."

"You," I snarled, "are not," I rotated my arms, creating a fire tornado, something I hadn't done in a long time and pushed outward. It got bigger and bigger, spiraling towards him, "family."

(Note: The characters and some of the storyline are not owned by me. I simply added my twist to the entire story, with my own character, Ayame. Ayame's father, and her Gran Gran are mine. So is Zian, one of her friends she meets along the way)

(Creds to @bandgeekO_o for the cover)

Nixin_Kitten Nixin_Kitten Sep 26, 2016
A flame of fire huh? Is it like a fire within a fire? Fireseption?
ABreathOfFlight ABreathOfFlight Jul 09, 2016
I'm pretty sure nations inter-married before the war. They lived in harmony remember? But then again, it wouldn't be know in this generation since the war has been going on for a century
LibbieBlackout422 LibbieBlackout422 May 13, 2016
Ayame? What are you doing here you stupid snake!? Go find your brother Yuki!
iiProfoundly_Coachii iiProfoundly_Coachii Oct 11, 2016
Did anyone ever want to bend water so bad, they looked it up on YouTube. My friends brother made a video, I was laughing hard.... 😂😂
sweetSugar543 sweetSugar543 Aug 07, 2016
*Zuko moment*
                              Ayame: I've spent my whole life trying to find the avatar
Katagiri611 Katagiri611 Jan 12
reading the intro and now seeing the video, I'm guessing that this is going to be like the avatar. because if so I will be extremely happy