It's Not Magic

It's Not Magic

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Athena Raeburn By a-wise_owl Updated May 28, 2018

Her differences have always set her apart. From the taunts and the teasing, to being labeled as a criminal just for living, she's known pain. Especially since she blames herself for her brother's death. Lilia's always been hiding, now, she's looking for a way out.

And she finds that way out with when she stumbles across a burglary in process, leading her to an underground organization, people that are just like her. Labeled illegal for their appearance and power, they're searching for a way to rebel. 

Their government calls them magicians, using illegal magic, knowing that they have powers they can never harness. And the rebels take full advantage of this.

"But it's not magic, it's the power we were born with. The government just can't handle that we're more powerful than they'll ever be."