Shattered & Falling (Nick Wilde x Reader)

Shattered & Falling (Nick Wilde x Reader)

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Green Tae, a Suga Kookie, a Jinger bread Monster and Chimchim's Hope By universetous Updated Nov 03, 2016

»contains triggering scenes such as cutting, attempts of suicide«

❝You have avoidant personality disorder,❞ The doctor stated, pitifully as he saw my eyes well up with tears. I tried smiling but it quickly turned into a frown and my lips quivered.

❝Is there any way I can prevent it without the-therapy?❞ The doctor quickly shook his head and I started to shiver. Therapy means I have to be with a complete stranger. What if the stranger is unwilling to help me because I'm so problematic? What if the stranger doesn't accept me? What if the stranger won't help me at all? 

❝Doctor, I don't like the sound of t-t-therapy,❞

❝I know you don't,❞

EmmanuelMatias4 EmmanuelMatias4 Oct 09, 2016
I like the story but if you say that you have a great plan for the book then go for it
Septic_Girl_900 Septic_Girl_900 Oct 09, 2016
hey it's your choice and plus I don't really care it's your choice and your book plus I like it and the truth is it is a little all over but I think it's fine but still I'm here all the way dude
Goldclaw10 Goldclaw10 Nov 04, 2016
I know its not the same but sometimes I find myself like this
CameronCalloway CameronCalloway Nov 13, 2016
... the description sounds more like a form of clinical depression imo
NekoFurry NekoFurry Nov 09, 2016
Omg I just searched it up and everything god why couldn't I just scroll down....