Project: I Hate You/I Love You (BoyxBoy)

Project: I Hate You/I Love You (BoyxBoy)

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Jordan By Rainbowash2 Completed

Jason Richard is a closeted gay-boy who's just trying to get through high school without any hiccups.

Jake Parker is the school's top player. In everything. He's good-looking, great at sports, and has the entire school wrapped around his little finger.

These two archenemies are in for the wildest ride of their high school years when thrown together for a class project. And it is the worst thing that could've possibly happened. Until it isn't.

Published: July 2013
Completed: June 2015

saggypants101 saggypants101 5 days ago
Cuz she stayed up all night reading yoai and is now thinking some gay stuff.
I'm reading this for the second night in a row, and I still love it.
saggypants101 saggypants101 5 days ago
I like her already, but that could change soon... silently praying she is a okay teacher instead of the typical Nickelodeon meen teachers
fairymilk fairymilk Nov 20
ikr how dare someone fall in love with another person! shame on them!
saggypants101 saggypants101 5 days ago
OMG this happened to me!!!, but it was fun because she was my friend and she didn't denie the fact she was cheating on me to the teacher.
I hate you already, you don't even have the decency to open a car door you're such a douche.