Scarred -Miraculous Ladybug- (Could Be Triggering)

Scarred -Miraculous Ladybug- (Could Be Triggering)

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dont mind me im a cringey person By LegathyRose Updated Aug 16

This story may be triggering since it involves depression, death and self-harm. 

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Cover by: it's_nusa_obviously 
One un-faithful day, Marinette was called into the principles office to get rushed to the hospital. Not because of her issues, but her father's. Turned out that for quite some time Marinette's father has had lung cancer and it wasn't noticed until now. There was no tracking on how long he had left to live, but they hoped he could surpass the illness.

Turns out, he didn't. Tom Dupain-Cheng died 1 month later, causing hell for Marinette. The funeral was upsetting, with Alya,Adrien and Nino being there to support her after they heard what happened.

Marinette locked herself in her room, and fell into a dark void; the abyss of nothingness. She wouldn't want to transform into Ladybug for patrols, luckily there were no Akuma attacks.She lost the glimpses of light in her eyes, the happiness in her smile and the joyful person she was. She became depressed, emotional and less confident. 

Every night, Marinette would take a sharp object (Usually a needle from her sewing kit) and damage herself. She would cut into her flesh, and have blood around her arm. She did this for 2 months, until an un-expecting guest arrived.

Chat Noir was at the window. She wondered why he was there, but didn't bother asking. She opened the window to let him in and that's where their friendship began.

Will Marinette ever become her true self again?g

'Turns out, he couldn't. '
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This is me sticking sores in my arm, forhead,  and leg for the past 2 years
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