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The Big Book of Ereri

The Big Book of Ereri

431K Reads 21.9K Votes 140 Part Story
Sparkle Sparkle Rainbows By Devil_Spawn Updated Feb 03

Short stories of Ereri.

The Howling (✔️)
Love Is Royal (✔️)
A Little Game Of Cat And Mouse (✔️)
Daddy's Bitch (✔️)
Sugar? (✔️)
Sex Ed (✔️)
Love Is Foreign (✔️)
Don't Drop The Soap (✔️)
My Little Bitch (✔️)
Our Little Secret (✔️)
Senior trip (✔️)
Talking To Raindrops (✔️)
Spa Day (✔️)
Spa Day Extra (✔️)
Jungle Boy (✔️)
Hi My Hoe (✔️)
Woof (✔️)
Snipers Eye (

Pinkisoke Pinkisoke Jan 01
If someone came into the room I would casually lick the knife and look at them with a creepy smile
This is our generation guys this is it right here😂😂😂
Zara1418 Zara1418 Jan 06
Sorry guys i can not understand you....CAUSE I ONLY SPEAK FREE
Nerdy_Donut Nerdy_Donut Feb 01
When you said frozen, Let it Go! Let it Go! Can't hold it back anymore!
                              Omg I need to stop 😂
Haru voice #1) I like mackerel
                              Haru voice #2) Me too, Haru 
                              Haru voice #3) I don't like mackerel
                              Haru voice #1) Shut up, Haru
The amount of comments are killing me😂😂😂😂😂😂