Bungou Stray Dogs |Oneshots|

Bungou Stray Dogs |Oneshots|

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☆⌒(ゝ。∂) Twelve⌒☆ By IncompleteLoner Updated Mar 14, 2017


One shots! ('・ω・') Request are open! Just comment it in a chapter, pm me, or post a message to my profile ~! I'll be accepting it right away (might take long). 

   Enjoy Reading! \( ̄▽ ̄)/

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Snowflakesparklegore Snowflakesparklegore Apr 28, 2016
Name of character:Ranpo Edogawa
                              Your attitude towards the character: Kindhearted,loud,shows affection easily,gets disappointed when can't solve a mystery before him
                              Story Genre:Fluff,Romance,light comedy
                              Ending:A light fluffy ending
PancakessNwaffless PancakessNwaffless Apr 24, 2016
Its so beautiful yet so sad work, the feels ;-; 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
mikuniaino mikuniaino Apr 21, 2016
Do u accept lemons?
                              Im sorry for asking i just-- the thirst for Dazai is real
Kera_Akiyama Kera_Akiyama Apr 21, 2016
Omg good work! My feels though XP
                              The anime so far though is awesome... I personally like Dazai as my favorite.