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Cheater Erza X Male reader X Cana

Cheater Erza X Male reader X Cana

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Yung-Nxggx By yung-nxggx Updated Apr 20, 2016

You were at your apartment reading a book waiting for your girlfriend to get home. You continued to wait and thought about her behavior. She's been s bit distant lately. Not holding your hand by moving it and doing some act like rubbing her eye. You checked the time. 11 o'clock. She should've been back from her quest hours ago. That's when you heard the keys jingle to your apartment. Erza walked inside with a tired expression. "Hey babe. How are you?"  She sighed at your question. "Tired and sore. I need a massage." You then walk up behind her and massage her shoulders. Adding a little heat into your hands to help relieve the pain. You then notice red marks on her neck. Those weren't from you because you haven't had sex with her in 2 weeks. These were fresh. This mainly confirms your suspicions of her cheating. "Alright I thinks it's time for bed. I can tell that you're tired. Let's go." You pick her up bridal style and carry her. 

The next morning she wasn't in her usual position of ...

You just kissed her once ! And you already want to marry her ! Geez
May I quote Lacy
                              "Rose Are Red
                              Violets Are Blue
                              I have 5 Fingers
                              The middle One
                              Is For You"
I can imagine all my friend group coming in and Lillian seeing and hearing what Erza did and said and just beating the crap out of her not caring if she's pregnant or not
HUgeCArgo HUgeCArgo Aug 21, 2016
Napalm if you don't know what it is
                              Do your research 
                              But it's complently not fuckig fire based so NAT