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strrynxghts By Issy_Rose_ Completed

At the age of eighteen, everyone's blood changes colour. Whether it becomes blue, green or otherwise, the colour is either hereditary or a random, biological selection. 

However, when Pearl Damocles discovers that her blood is colourless - in a society where people are segregated by blood colour -, she travels to an institute for people like her with a handsome yet mysterious man named, Malik Ahmed. 

After months of training and planning - with a team of quirky, newfound friends and trained militants by her side  - she decides begins to hatch a plan. One to bring everyone together, and abolish the inequality of the blood colours.

  • comedy-romance
  • escape
  • fightforsurvival
  • fighttothedeath
  • humor
  • mystery
  • romance
  • running
  • savior
  • science
  • sciencefiction
  • scifi-romance
  • thriller
  • war
  • wattys2016
@ZebraPolkaDots it’s currently 210 comments abt naming asterisks lollll
The_Talespinner The_Talespinner Dec 28, 2018
I love how there are barely any comments on the actual story but here has like 200 because Wattpadians always do that
shimmeresque shimmeresque Dec 22, 2018
If only everyone talked about racism that way XD (most people do but some people are really racist)
mgregg467 mgregg467 Dec 17, 2018
Can I just say something that will probably make a lot of you mad- who’s Zayn?
Winterxfairy Winterxfairy Dec 14, 2018
It would make more sense if the grand ceremony caused the blood change
Sam_Cahill_Is_Bae Sam_Cahill_Is_Bae Nov 21, 2018
It’s like divergent but different, I actually think this is way cooler