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Every child's blood is red up until the age of 18. Once they are 18, a grand ceremony is held. Blood is drawn and the colour is recorded.

There are ten colours:

White = Government Work
Grey = The Military
Black = The Government Spies / Assassins
Yellow = The Highest Class
Orange = The Next Highest Class
Red = The Middle Class
Green = The Poor
Blue = The Slaves 
Purple = The Artists / Musicians / Authors 
Pink = The Celebrities

However, a whole knew concept of understanding about everything she believes in is uncovered for one girl when her blood is discovered to be Colourless.

Highest Ranking: #2 in Science Fiction (03/10/16)

(Absolutely Amazing Cover by @-Supernatral_Geek- ❤️)

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if i was one of them, i would probably be a peasant to be honest
okay, i got my hot chocolate and my giant ass bear. i am ready
THE ANGST IS REAL (for my bday a few days ago my friend bought me a small cake and brought it to school with the words ‘angst iz real’ on it in candy letters😂) THE ANGSTTTT
Did anyone else think of the Tammy, Kellie's friend. From Percy Jackson? Anyone out there?
Redteam24 Redteam24 Jan 08
What if someone tripped and scraped a knee or got a papercut before the ceremony?  And does no one secretly cut a little bit to see beforehand? Are there rules against that? Regardless, super excited to read this :)
IIWolfieII IIWolfieII Feb 13
Hey so random question (sorry for being annoying but I need to know for school :/ )
                              Is this book science fiction or fantasy?