Colorless, Monotone, Dull

Colorless, Monotone, Dull

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gay By ifyoudobygot7 Updated Nov 17, 2017

In a world where you can't see colors until you come into physical contact with your soul mate, Sugawara Koushi had become depressed.

He hadn't met his soul mate and it was his third year of high school. He was tired of seeing only shades of grey.

Only when Hinata Shouyou came into his life and turned it upside down did he understand that you should be grateful for what you have and not to take things for granted.

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But what if you hugged someone and saw color, and you asked something like "Beautiful isn't it?" or "Do you see it?" and they just said something like "What are you talking about?" because they didn't see the color? ;-;
AnimeTrashyBaby AnimeTrashyBaby Apr 11, 2017
The year all the school mixed characters up. Wonder what that would look like.
Kaydee8184 Kaydee8184 Mar 25
Hinata reminds me so much of Honey from Ouran high school host club right now
thenightmaremonster thenightmaremonster Oct 10, 2017
And here you see the Haikyuu-magic. Every ship even if it is totally unrealistic is cute and nice and we ship it
CutMeAPIECE CutMeAPIECE Aug 17, 2017
WOAH there big fella dont think about that stuff yet... Geez
Kenmabcuzwhynot Kenmabcuzwhynot Apr 14, 2017