Teenage Tomlinson

Teenage Tomlinson

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those5boysfrom1d By those5boysfrom1d Updated Sep 25

{must read Louis Tomlinson Saved Me series first}

Ali now age 16 is starting to grow older and older. She is starting to become more and more independent. But her father still keeps her safe and protected from the real world. When Ali has to face some pretty touch choices in her life how will she be able to handle it? And will Louis be able to handle it as well?

 "Teenage Tomlinson" is a spinoff to my three story series "Louis Tomlinson Saved Me". To understand the characters in this book you have to read the other three first. Thanks for reading! xoxo

I'm so excited for this, you have no idea.  Can't wait to see what happens between father and daughter, I see some fights on the horizon but also some great bonding time, I'm so excited!!!
I can't wait to read the first chapter. After reading the different type of people that are going to be in it, I'm getting excited to  read the book.
I can already see there is going to be a lot of drama coming, and I can see  Louis and Ali having father and daughter fights about things.
Noooo!!! *falls dramatically to the floor 
                              Why!!!??? *cries ❤️😭 she's all grown up just like her dad
Ohh, the sass masta from Doncasta is going to go full-out with this, can't wait!!!
Rebellious just like her dad *wipes tear* I'm so proud of you Ali! XD