All I Need Is To Be Loved (Marichat) ON HOLD

All I Need Is To Be Loved (Marichat) ON HOLD

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Rana Akçay ❤️ By skywriterlilymelody Updated Nov 15, 2016

"I am sorry I don't love you." 
"I love someone else Chat..." 
"I realised now Princess, all I need is to be loved... Will you love me?" 
"I realised Chat all I need is to be loved, if I love you would you love me back?" 
"You lied to me, cheated on me... I hate you." 
"The pain you know, it won't stop... All of this. We broke each other again and again, we shouldn't be together." 
"Tell me princess does our story has a happy ending?" 
"No. Our story should be a happy forever" 

'All I need is to be loved' 


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Author: skywriterlilymelody 

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16Bibi 16Bibi May 02, 2016
MARICHAT is coming in a theater near you🤗😋 ok I'll shut up now😶🤐