Forever Mute(Ouran Highschool Host Club FanFic)#Wattys2017

Forever Mute(Ouran Highschool Host Club FanFic)#Wattys2017

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Leoni katanozuki was only 3 when her parents died. Even before that she was known as "the girl that never spoke".She was a Neko~Girl with black ears and tail with with white at the tip of her tail.When her parents died she lived in a box on the street. She was mute by her own one ever knew why but they never questioned her to find out. She is now 15,living with her new mother and father who are very rich and love her dear.They knew she was a neko but told her to keep it a secret from everyone she met. She is getting enrolled at Ouran Academy as a 1st year.
What will happen when she stumbles across the host club?
Will they ever find out Leoni's Secret?
Will Leoni ever speak? Or will she be forever mute?

I'm entering this story in the Wattys!

Please wish me good luck!!!

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0_Gone_0 0_Gone_0 Jun 02, 2017
I wish I had someone in my life like Darcy. she seems so nice and caring
princessoc137 princessoc137 Jun 08, 2017
Why not sour stuff....... it's like a metaphorical punch the face to get your day off right
Sugar_-_Rush Sugar_-_Rush Jun 28, 2017
This is not me i like dark places,scary people cuz im scary, i like being alone,and i like sour candy
TinyFreak666 TinyFreak666 Jun 21, 2017
are you serious? honey-chan is 4'9? he taller than me by an inch!
mrstiawright mrstiawright May 19, 2016
If you are putting her in the same class as honey-Senpai he is in class 3-A if with Tamaki and Kyouya 2-A if with Haruhi and the twins 1-A
Mazarix Mazarix Nov 03, 2016
Wait. If honey is like 5 feet and he's about half as tall as mori, would mori be like 10 feet tall???