You can RUN, but you can't HIDE... {A Nick Wilde x Reader}

You can RUN, but you can't HIDE... {A Nick Wilde x Reader}

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(Y/n) had always lived in Zootopia since her birth. Her home. The place she had gone to school, gotten sick, hurt, made lovers and friends... But something had always been off... About this certain fox.

The reason? She had golden fur, a... Different, unique combination for a fox of her species. But that did seem to matter to the city of Zootopia, for she was... Bullied, every single day. At school, along the streets, at her work.

(Y/n) thinks that her life can't get any worse.

That is until one day, that all changes when her father is murdered in his garden store. 

She is of course utterly shocked. Who would want to have killed her caring, kind, father? But... somehow the police are not surprised. Needles are being found in the back of the neck of the animals of different species. The needles are from medical shots that always disappear before the body is found.

This case is to be considered worse than the savage one.

(Y/n) is going to have the most interesting years, and friends of her life. I guess that's what happens when your ONLY two friends is a bunny who is WAY too hyper for someone her size, and a cocky fox who always seems to be asking for a slap in the face.

The enemy is not an animal. They were actually thought to be extinct, a few thousand years before. But these... Creatures have evolved.

And they are not happy.

The species? Homo-Sapiens.

Or as we like to call them... Humans.

THE PICTURE THO!!! *laughs maniacally and falls out of chair*
PandaMinx PandaMinx Jun 03
*sees the word needle*
                              Illumi: hai?
                              Dont mess with father kk?
                              Illumi: but it was a needle from a cactus not me
                              I DONT CARE
Ds gsgs gs es
                              Anybody guess what I said? Hint: somewhere at the end of the paragraph
Yo_Fennec Yo_Fennec Apr 22
Omg my OC I oues for everything is a yellowy golde!! That's cewl..
I swear these criticizing comments are the reasons I don't freaking update- so please- just stop asking.
OMGFirefoxy OMGFirefoxy Jul 09