She Keeps Me Warm  (Lesbian Story) (Complete) #wattys2016

She Keeps Me Warm (Lesbian Story) (Complete) #wattys2016

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"O-obviously," she started sounding slightly nervous, making me tilt my head slightly confused in her hands.
      "Obviously you don't understand the agreement." She said quickly composing herself. I rolled my eyes slightly letting her keep her hands there for now, since no one else was in the library. 
      "Where you go, I go, where I go, you go." She told me sternly rubbing her thumbs over my cheeks making me blush deeply. I couldn't tell if it was just a caring gesture or if it was something more.  My instincts told me it was just friendly, but my body (stupid hormones) told me it was something more.  And honestly at the moment my body was in control.

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Mine was S. S. And she was my best friend but then I got fillings for her and we haven't talk since
WolfieN65 WolfieN65 Nov 20
Please don't take out the trigger parts, just put a warning before each trigger scene. I've read other books with triggers and it really helps to know that others go through what the reader does and that a solution is in reach.
the name caught my attention....was thinking about the song...that I'm currently listening to now btw
Ermergosh!!! Yes I love Cammie and Shannon!!! They're so cute and super funny.
KWoodburn13 KWoodburn13 Dec 31, 2015
*freaks out over seeing Shannon and Cammie from nowthisisliving on the cover of the book*