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I Really Hate Heroes

I Really Hate Heroes

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Kip By Kip412 Completed

In a world brimming with Chosen Ones and superheroes, Dan Gryphin is nothing special (of course, he'd tell you differently.) With no extraordinary abilities to mark him as unique, he's the epitome of average... Or would be, if he didn't belong to a shady ring of smugglers and two-bit thieves operating below the radar. Dan's comfortable day-to-day life becomes disrupted after a run of the mill bank heist is derailed by the appearance of a newly minted superhero, and though he escapes, his troubles have only begun. After returning to the warehouse he calls home, an unsettling truth is revealed; superheroes are emerging at an alarmingly fast rate, and could soon possess the manpower to wipe their group of ne'er-do-wells off the map once and for all.
       Warehouse Fifteen's only hope is to locate whatever's creating these new superheroes and shut it down, once and for all. Unfortunately, that means sending one of their own to infiltrate the Supers' base of operations. And even worse, Dan appears to be the only man for the job.

ZeroWineThirty ZeroWineThirty Aug 19, 2016
Spider-Man was def the worst of them all. No chick wants to be with a guy that sleeps in cobwebs. 😂
snowylight2468 snowylight2468 Jun 08, 2016
Really good! I love the development of ideas in this chapter, and also the tone and pacing is really nice too : )
- - Oct 15, 2016
Aint no Rest for the Wicked by Cage the Elephant is the perfect song for this book. I beg of thee. Right now, to go listen to this song. Its like, three minutes.
Lovelyjollylocks Lovelyjollylocks Mar 11, 2016
This seems to be a really great plot line. I really enjoy reading a book from the antagonist's point of view.
fracturedwords fracturedwords Sep 05, 2016
I get a Wade Wilson vibe from this. The sarcasm and arrogance all in one, it's great. 
                              Plus Emma Watson is a great catch but i'd take Tom to Mellow Mushroom, but actually we don't have a Mellow Mushroom where I live anymore. Replaced by a Japanese restaurant.
TalonLang TalonLang Apr 13, 2016
*clap clap clap* Wow. 
                              I am impressed by this first chapter. Honestly, it's humorous, it gives a good vibe, and I want to hear more of this character's opinions.