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Sweet love (Wesley Tucker Fanfic)

Sweet love (Wesley Tucker Fanfic)

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wesleytuckerr By wesleytuckerr Updated Jan 10

    Wesley Tucker had it on the first sight. The minute he saw her, he fell in love with her. Wesley sees her every day at the special library in the mall. 
    The way she drinks her coffee while reading the book, the way she laughs when there is a funny moment in the book or the way she cries when there is an emotional scene in the book, the way she nods her head while listening to the songs when she is reading her book, or the way she is so into the book. Wesley loved it all and he could carry on the list why he fell in love with her and he wouldn't even get tired.
    But Wesley was scared to confront her. Sure he had previous relationships and Wesley always has been a flirt but with her it was real. He had fallen for her.
    She was none other than Linda Marais.
    Linda is a type of a girl who will just leave you speechless. She is a shy type of a girl and she can be confident too when she has too. Once people get to know Linda, they just love her. She is lovable. Yes, she had done some crazy stuff earlier but that wasn't exactly her.
    But that one day changed everything.
    Wesley finally got the courage to talk to her and confront her. The way Linda reacted when Wesley came and talked to her just shocked and confused him. 
    That one day was a start to their love story.

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RomyAdmiraal RomyAdmiraal Aug 05, 2016
Wow omg this is so good. I LOVE IT. But I'm going to read the next chapter tomorrow bc it's midnight here in the Netherlands so I have to sleep✨ But I love this chapter❤ YAYY
d_Zara d_Zara Aug 05, 2016
Well he is in the club on vape...So he is one of those boyzz :)
Justyouraveragenerdd Justyouraveragenerdd Apr 07, 2016
This is so good oh my!! Keep writing you're very good at it. Can't wait for the next chapter!!!Xx
Hideness Hideness Apr 17, 2016
You should really continue bc im addicted to this and I only read two chapters
Everyone is saying he looks cute but I think he looks creepy what the heck?