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Follow My Lead | m.l.b

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w e n d y By XxTrustMeNotxX Updated Dec 02, 2017

❝ they say the worst battle you have to fight is between what you know and what you feel . she thinks that the person who said that had, most definitely, been in her position . ❞

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Marinette is a new student to the ballet studio in Paris and has slowly but surely developed a hopeless crush on Adrien, a guy in her ballet class. She can bearly manage a complete sentence when she's around him. 

Funny how, as their nocturnal break dancing alter egos, Adrien is the one sputtering over his sentences in her presence, trying to catch the blue eyed beauty's attention.

When these two become a team, Ladybug is to help Chat lead the dance club. Or, help keep her new friends hidden from the Papillon, that is. 

The Papillon is the code name for the state officials that seek rebelious teens, like themselves, out. 
Desperate to find them and get rid of them, like moths drawn to a flame.

Unfortunately, moths are more persistent than people give them credit for.

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disclaimer: i do not own the characters
warning : updates are slow and irregular

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heta_fan heta_fan Aug 29, 2017
*holds book very threateningly* BACK OFF TOMATO BOY MARINETTE IS ADRIENS!!!
Nuntii_Mortis Nuntii_Mortis Aug 29, 2017
The moment you saw the name 'Nathanaël'...
                              Complete disappointment.
SilvijaRii SilvijaRii Sep 20, 2017
*running around* EVIL! THAT WAS EVIL *stop* I have to deal with him... YOU! *starts walking angrily towarts Nath* YOU GET OF HIM *yell and pull Nathanael for hair away* Stay here *say to Marinette and bring Adrien then push him on her* Better *smiled as two started blushing*
sugarpop94 sugarpop94 Aug 09, 2016
I love this so much! I enjoy smaller stories rather than more mainstream stories, and this is one of the few that has proper grammar and a good format. Keep it up!