Best Werewolf Stories On Wattpad

Best Werewolf Stories On Wattpad

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LynVillanuevaBayale By LynVillanuevaBayale Updated 2 days ago

Check out my own list of best werewolf stories here on wattpad! Just give it a try, you might agree with me ;)

I will keep on updating the parts once I'll read a werewolf story that's worth adding here! And for those of you who would like me to read your book, please just leave the title of your book in the comment section. Fair warning though, I only want to read completed books. :p Thanks! :)

I usually love werewolf stories that are not too long to read, can stir my emotions well, series and engrossing. This list is dedicated to the authors. I own nothing but only reviews & ratings.  =)

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fluffy123467890 fluffy123467890 2 days ago
I saw this book of werewolf books while reading my dark night and read it just to make sure this book was in it
trinkrazo trinkrazo May 04
10/10 Great plot, very nice storyline, grammar and spelling good, characters are magnificent.  She's not what the world thinks she is; he doesn't care.  When finding home means more to you than your life, what would you do to protect HOME?   ENJOY!!!
Fallen_67 Fallen_67 Aug 17
This book is one hell great. I'm a lil bit sad when i finished the book. Why a good book always short? 😭
trinkrazo trinkrazo May 04
9/10 Great plot, storyline is a bit rough at times, grammar and spelling are ok, characters are good.  She's not who they think she is; then again neither is he.  In the end who saves who is not as important as who is saved.  Enjoy!!
LynVillanuevaBayale LynVillanuevaBayale Oct 30, 2016
@YokoLucas me too, I'm actually waiting for the sequel to be completed before I will read it again. ;)