Dripping Red {Underfell Sans X Cat Reader}

Dripping Red {Underfell Sans X Cat Reader}

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【 g a y 】 By WonderSans Updated Nov 17, 2016

Youve Had Many Different Powers

Some You Were Yet To Discover

One Of Your Powers Were Being Able To Travel To Different Alternate Universes, But You Didn't Know How To Control It

One Day, Your Powers Took You To A Place That You Know Wasn't Home (Undertale)

You Shot Up And Looked Around At Your Dark Surroundings. 

'Where am I? I swear i was just at Sans and Pap's house..' you thought to yourself getting up from the pile of black flowers.

'Black? Weren't they golden before?'

You started to walk so you could at least find an exit.

You then heard soft whimpering. You went closer to the sound and saw the face of a tattered tear-faced flower.

'Oh no...'

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_otaku_trashbag_ _otaku_trashbag_ Apr 11, 2017
Alright all I need is weed killer or a knife hmmmm OH I got it I'll spray you with weed killer ground you to a pulp and then stab your en remains =) sound fun flowey
Call_Me_Bird Call_Me_Bird Jun 06, 2017
"Every inch" all my mind can think of ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
ariesthewarriorcat ariesthewarriorcat May 30, 2016
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
                              Sans u owe her now that she layed your tab...
CrystalliaKitty CrystalliaKitty Oct 09, 2016
...Why are you walking in a circle around me...I don't think that's exactly normal ._.
SilverLight1234 SilverLight1234 May 20, 2016
more????????(love all your stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)????????????????
Maren0174 Maren0174 Aug 22, 2016
*mettaton voice* ohhhh yes.*lifts left shoulder slightly on 'yes'* I like where this is going.