Celin Graphics

Celin Graphics

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A place where I showcase the graphics that I'm super proud of and stuff like that c:

If you want to request, there's a link to my solo thread in my bio c: Thank chuu~~

She_hopes She_hopes Sep 14
(do i comment on this chap or in the premade's one? i'll do it in both just in case)
                              Old Title: big book of motivational phrases
                              New Title: Rose
                              Author Name: Alice G. DeAngelis
                              Anything else; nope, the cover is perfect ^^
Call_Me_Sly Call_Me_Sly Apr 07
                              also that gif is so you xDD looook how sparkly and FLOOFy!!!
Old title: Queen of the Magicians
                              New title: The Valiant Wars
                              Author: Maria J.
                              Subtitle: None
                              Anything else: Nope!! Thank you so much!! I'm SOOO excited to get this cover ♥♥♥
_brebear_ _brebear_ Jun 06
@Abyss-of-Crazy  does this refer to if we want a custom made or the premades within here as well?
Title:Past, present, future
                              Sorry, no prologue, blurb or something here.
                              Cover:As for the cover person....Can you make a Timeclock or wallclock as the main cover? And please make it a little bit blurred (the wallclock) And it's up to you how you design it
                              Thank u very much! Please do make it
CremePuffPi CremePuffPi Jul 17
* No Game No Life opening song comes up* *forgets the words so can't sing a long with it....* 
                              LA DIII LA DOOO !!! PING PONG CHING CHOW WOOO!!!!!