Love or Hate?

Love or Hate?

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Cerlina Naomi Ryuuma By CerlinaRyuu Completed

Cover belong to rightful owner (not mine, but i hope its mine)

Warning : As* G sans! possessive b*stard

Nothing is fair....right? i guess meeting you make everything become alright... you are mine... you heard that... mine...

Nothing is bad from the start....right? i guess meeting you is a new beginning... smile.. because someone actually for you...

*pats Frisk's head* Don't worry he's not an aśs in other timelines Frisk.
*snort* w-what?
                              "Uh..why I still a life?"
                              "Because... I said so"
                              Sorry, I just find that mistake funny when you read it over an Dover again
Why am I not DED?
                              Cause I said so.
                              Why are you a SKELOTON?
                              Cause I said so.
                              Why are you a dumbazz?
                              Your a dīck.
'No one that will make him waste his tears again' 
                              OML I LOVE THAT SO MUCH!!!
Is it bad that I think that it was funny when he said because I said so
Galefeather Galefeather May 16
Muffin the sadness.
                              Ah yes, feel all of us have had days like that, trying to find some other baked good to drown out the taste of blueberries.