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My doll ♡ (Zarry/Mpreg)

My doll ♡ (Zarry/Mpreg)

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✿ Daddy's babygirl ♫ By queenputax Completed

" You look such like a doll " -Zayn

" Don't call me that you creep " -Blushing Harry

" Feisty... I like it " -Smirking Zayn

stuckytrash33 stuckytrash33 Oct 11, 2016
Ayy today is nationally coming out day ❤️💛💚💙💜💖
SigridBlom SigridBlom Oct 24, 2016
girl almost 15 and 5'9( I think, I live in the Netherlands and we use cm) or 175 cm
wolfpack101202 wolfpack101202 4 days ago
Lucky I got stuck with the curls and not the freaking soft part it's so damn irritating
Grace_Williams_ Grace_Williams_ Aug 28, 2016
Curly hair is frizzy AF and generally not too soft. Ugh curly hair struggles. You always what you can't have right?
                              -GW xo
stuckytrash33 stuckytrash33 Oct 11, 2016
Bruh he could tell me to set myself on fire and I would do it. No questions asked 🤔