My doll ♡ (Zarry/Mpreg)

My doll ♡ (Zarry/Mpreg)

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" You look such like a doll " -Zayn

" Don't call me that you creep " -Blushing Harry

" Feisty... I like it " -Smirking Zayn

This always amazes me.... it take an argument, location,  explaination, and address just go get an okay out of my house. Still then I'm getting called every hour of the day.
5'1 and i'm 18 :( I dont think i'll grow taller anymore 😭
I'm 5'7" but everyone I know is taller than me...I think the doctors lied to me
I'm 4' 11 and I'm in my forth year of high school, I won't grow taller for some reason
Lucky I got stuck with the curls and not the freaking soft part it's so damn irritating