Where Do Broken Hearts Go? [wildnoss/vancat]

Where Do Broken Hearts Go? [wildnoss/vancat]

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Sarah Ryder 🐉🌌 By OneDirectionZillas Updated Jan 12, 2017

Evan's life seems to be falling apart. 

Why, you asked?

Well, Jonathan has done terrible things to him because his friend Luke has changed him into---more of a monster. This leaves Evan with a broken heart that could hardly be healed. After all, they have been together for some time.

Things get even worse when he got kidnapped while hanging out with his friends, snatched right in front of their very eyes. When Evan is returned to his friends, he seems to have been transformed into... an owl hybrid. This breaks his heart more, as humans despised these creatures, even though there aren't many positive results from any genetic sciences for years.

Because of his new strange looks, Jonathan never looks at Evan the same way again.

But Tyler is the only one who's starting to care about him... And Evan feels like his broken heart is being fixed by him...

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Why does Wattpad always delete the description...? >X(

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FiFiBallinas FiFiBallinas Apr 02, 2017
Oh well..... I am happy because this is vancat. I don't even care if there smut or not.
H20vanoss4life21 H20vanoss4life21 Nov 27, 2016
Yeeeeeyy Bottom! evan! I love it when Evan's the bottom bitch!..
BeatixGaming BeatixGaming May 25, 2016
I'm going to look for another book to read. Nice knowing you for like 18 seconds.
H2ODeliriousnum1fan H2ODeliriousnum1fan Apr 19, 2016
BOOM BITCH FINALLY *whispers* you made my dreams come true!!!!
The_Sheep_Waz_Here The_Sheep_Waz_Here Sep 06, 2016
So is delirious and cartoonz like LITERALLY childhood friends (what I mean is have they been friends longer then anyone in the group?)