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An Interesting Fan (Ereri/Riren)

An Interesting Fan (Ereri/Riren)

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King_of_ships By King_of_ships Updated Dec 29, 2016

Eren gladly accepted an offer for a part time job at his neighbours publishing company. There he takes a liking to a mangaka by the name of Levi. Over the course of Eren's time there, the man named Levi decides he wants to get closer to the weaker male. This results in a constant fight between Eren's heart and Eren's brain about what is right and what is wrong. 

(Warning: BOYXBOY if you don't like! Don't read!)
(May contain smut in later or even sooner chapters)

Ereri_Kira Ereri_Kira Oct 26, 2016
I actually love Levi in this and I actually like the idea of an AU where he's taller tbh and I love jealous Levi
sashathepotatochick sashathepotatochick Nov 23, 2016
Roses are red,
                              Thorns are prickly
                              We can all say
                              This escalated quickly
MrsLydiaMichaelis MrsLydiaMichaelis Jun 06, 2016
Love this already . ..Looking  forward  to  the  next  chapter
TheQuirkyWaffle TheQuirkyWaffle Dec 11, 2016
how exactly do you casually get 'shoved against a table'? has he got you on your back? honey you know exactly what THAT leads to...
Tall Levi is the best...And the hottest.. short Eren is cute Eren!!
....... Taller
                              Me: LEVI!  You're taller than Eren in this fanfic~~ *laughs hard*
                              Levi: Tch, I am tall he's just ducking tall-er...  Brat
                              Me: Or you're just too small....  XD.  Don't kill me. 
                              Levi: *kills you*
                              Me: *dead* WTF.