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After leaving his dark past behind, Max is striving to become a different man. A better one. But after meeting Amarina, he starts to realise that no matter how much his face resembles an angels, his hands will always remain that of a sinners.

The first book in the Damsel series.

Warning: very mature scenes at times so please read with caution since I won't be warning you before it happens 

If you're younger than 18 and you still want to read then cool beans but don't say I didn't warn ya.

Completed 14 August 2016

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Woah! Buddy back off. Totally! I was actually considering the demand reasonable until you stupidity judged her. Smh😡😠
Well it happened only in 2 scenario
                              1) probably you were so high in the orgasm that you saw all the possible stars but forget about the rocket ship😜😝😂
                              2) that he's a lousy lay and because I believe this is not our male protagonist so then probably latter will be true😂🤐
Me: Don't act like you don't love drama, Amara.
                              Amara: My lips are sealed 🤐 And btw you're the one like drama pulling me into inline comment just to attract author's attention*flipping hair fashionably*🙄😏
JamieLeeMcLeary JamieLeeMcLeary Jul 22, 2017
At the start of the year for every class I'll sit in a seat and that has to be my seat for the rest of the year, if people sit in it I get really frustrated and anxious
DoNUTbxtch DoNUTbxtch Mar 30
Greg is not a good name to moan. Now I realise why she didn't remember his name.
A boy just like this was supposed to move to my school but he must've gotten lost because I haven't seen one male species who fits this description... Funny that