the cover up • luke hemmings //

the cover up • luke hemmings //

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Rin || 5SOS By raccooneyesxox Updated Aug 30, 2016

"I can't keep having this argument, Cass! I just can't!" He yelled, gripping both his hands into the counter and gritting his teeth.
"Do you not trust me?" His eyes softened as they watched me pull on my hair. 

"I do. I do, Luke! It's just I don't trust her. I mean, how can I?" I cried out, throwing my left hand around in exasperation. 
"She flaunts you about on every magazine, Facebook, snapchat and Twitter!" I told him. He sighed, discomfort evident as he lowered his head on the kitchen side. We were both heaving, out of breath from the screaming match we both took part in. It was the 5th one in the past 2 weeks. He pushed himself up and made his way towards me, his hands came up to mine and pulled them away from my scalp.

"You need to stop pulling on your hair." He whispered, holding my hands tightly to his chest. I squirmed without the contact. 
"I love you. You know that, right?" He informed me, tilting his head to look into my eyes. I sighed and nodded, looking up to him.

// Cass and Luke have been dating since high school, but becoming a world renowned star has its downsides. For example, Arzaylea being hired as Luke's 'girlfriend' and the time they have to spend apart. 

Is it possible to feel so disconnected (au: ayeee) from the man you love? Or does love really conquer all?

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