My Arranged Marriage |•NaLu•|

My Arranged Marriage |•NaLu•|

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Lucy Heartfilia was an 18 year old girl,who was rich,talented but didn't show it.
She was a nerd at school but a princess at heart.She dreamed of a Life full of Joy but she gave up.
She had a Life full of Sadness and Hurt.She hid her true self from others.
Her Father,a workaholic.
Her siblings loved her very much but couldn't protect her from Him.

Natsu Dragneel was a 20 year old boy,who was rich,talented and he loved to show it.
He was a popular heartthrob at school,girls fawn over him but he dreaded fan girls.
But all he really dreamed about was finding a girl to Love,a girl who would take care of him like a mother would.
He had a Life full of Joy but a Past full of Sadness and Hurt.He never showed it to people.

This is your typical Nerd-Popular Love Story but with a twist.

What if the two meet?What is in store for them?
Read to Find out!

Story Released:04-11-2016
Story Completed:05-23-2016

This is my 1st Fanfic in this account but 2nd Fanfic overall.
I hope you love this story!

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moonwing4682 moonwing4682 May 16, 2017
I was listening to Colors by halsey on YouTube and i have auto play on so i wasn't paying attention when the songs changed and when i read " Its really tiring" the song changed to Starving and instead if tiring i read it as its really starving.....
JeanCoca JeanCoca Dec 02, 2017
Why the hell are the teachers trusting him? He's not even responsible
BombzAwayBitch_ BombzAwayBitch_ Aug 30, 2017
No wonder why you get bullied 
                              Is this the kind of story when she changes she's .....🤔🤔🤔🤔how do I put this 
                              I know
                              So do you get it?☹️
-nalushipper21- -nalushipper21- Nov 12, 2017
Mommy’s boy hahha ha ha hah yeah probably the same but girl
Anime130 Anime130 Jun 02, 2016
Actually They're supposed to be in college but I changed it.
Demonica2015 Demonica2015 Feb 05, 2017
Wait if he is 20 and in high school does that make him really dumb because people graduate High School at like 18