My Arranged Marriage |•NaLu•|

My Arranged Marriage |•NaLu•|

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Bella Foscor (Beautiful Darkness) By Anime130 Completed

Lucy Heartfilia was an 18 year old girl,who was rich,talented but didn't show it.
She was a nerd at school but a princess at heart.She dreamed of a Life full of Joy but she gave up.
She had a Life full of Sadness and Hurt.She hid her true self from others.
Her Father,a workaholic.
Her siblings loved her very much but couldn't protect her from Him.

Natsu Dragneel was a 20 year old boy,who was rich,talented and he loved to show it.
He was a popular heartthrob at school,girls fawn over him but he dreaded fan girls.
But all he really dreamed about was finding a girl to Love,a girl who would take care of him like a mother would.
He had a Life full of Joy but a Past full of Sadness and Hurt.He never showed it to people.

This is your typical Nerd-Popular Love Story but with a twist.

What if the two meet?What is in store for them?
Read to Find out!

Story Released:04-11-2016
Story Completed:05-23-2016

This is my 1st Fanfic in this account but 2nd Fanfic overall.
I hope you love this story!

Anime130 Anime130 Jun 02, 2016
Actually They're supposed to be in college but I changed it.
Wait if he is 20 and in high school does that make him really dumb because people graduate High School at like 18
Anime130 Anime130 Jun 16, 2016
Nah,I am ME that way xD
                              Plus I want Happy ang Charla(I know that its Charles/Carla but I like to combine them) to be just cats.
                              But I didn't include Charles.
It's actually July 1st it said that when Flare beat her it was her birthday
Anime130 Anime130 Sep 28, 2016
You'll know why its .5 away from 1st place. And yes, there is a half place.
Anime130 Anime130 Jun 02, 2016
Well,as I wrote of course.
                              I'm too lazy to change it >.<
                              Plus I'm working on my other books.