Miraculous Ladybug- A mask doesn't define who you are, you do

Miraculous Ladybug- A mask doesn't define who you are, you do

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During Marianette and alya's senior year of high school they decided to get apartment together. 
But secretly alya and her boyfriend Nino made a plan for nino and Adrian to get the apartment next door the week before. 
When Marianette falls down her stairs Adrian being the gentleman he is goes and helps her up. When they come face to face they are shocked.
Eventually the catch on to their best friends plan.
After a week of Adrian and Marianette being aware of what their friends planed alya and Nino decide to go on a 'secret project' and Nino told Adrian to go and stay with Marianette for two weeks.
What will happen when a certain curious blonde sees Marianette transform out of ladybug in the corner of his eye.
will he confront her or will he become a scardy cat

Will curiosity get this cat killed with heart ache or will his lady finally fall for him?

P.s this will be about both Mari and Adrian I know it sounds like it's just about Adrian it's not ok thank you 
And enjoy reading!!!

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nlovely791 nlovely791 Nov 18, 2017
Am I the only one who thought he was about to call her a pringle. Only me? Oh, ok....
demigodr4ever demigodr4ever Jun 24, 2017
Is it only me or did Adrien nearly call her princess? Only me ok then....
kluseczka888 kluseczka888 Apr 24, 2017
Okay Am I the only one bothered by that Alya's name is written by small letter?
_IShipNalu_ _IShipNalu_ Mar 20, 2017
Its weird that as soon as she sees the bed Chat comes to mind.
RomanceAnd2ndChances RomanceAnd2ndChances Sep 12, 2016
Oh! This is so Alya, and Nino. Btw Adrien is spelled wrong. I know it is usually Adrian, but doe this show it is Adrien.
MR_Troll_Face MR_Troll_Face Aug 29, 2016
                              YOU NEED TO HEAL HER WITH A TRUE LOVES KISS